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The best cleat on the market

The cleat is an essential piece inside a boat because it is a rig, that is to say, an instrument that together with other pieces allows the boat to take advantage of the air to be able to propel itself … Continue reading

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Aforador VDO para aguas negras

Todo barco necesita un aforador que le permita al usuario conocer la cantidad de líquidos que poseen los depósitos del mismo, de esta manera podrá conocer con cuanto cuenta para realizar un viaje o relajarse mientras nada. Normalmente, los aforadores … Continue reading

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Relájese en sus viajes náuticos más largos

Todo buen navegante sabe lo indispensable que es tomar pausas cuando se realizan viajes prolongados en una embarcación, esto sirve para evitar posibles fatigas que repercutan en la capacidad de navegación o en la toma de decisiones que se debe … Continue reading

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Nautical Clamp Manual

Few products are as effective and useful on board a boat as a good manual nautical pliers. And when it comes to pressing caps, nothing better than this pincer that offers you with home delivery system in just ten … Continue reading

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Rent a sailboat in Ibiza at the best price

The Bavaria Cruiser 45 is a spectacular sailboat built in 2012, with 14.27 meters of length, a beam of 4.35 meters and a draft of 1.73 meters. It is a boat easy to handle and maneuver. It has four bedrooms … Continue reading

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Rocket with parachute

It is a pyrotechnic device which is used to call for help at the time of danger, emergency or loss in the maritime world. This type of parachute rocket has to be fired only in very necessary cases and in open … Continue reading

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It is a technology that uses a gas that is usually a   compressed air  as a way of transmitting the energy required to move and operate mechanisms . Being air is a gaseous fluid and when applied a force is compressed, maintains this compression … Continue reading

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French Caribean

Located in the Eastern Caribbean, is the island of Martinique and Guadeloupe, together with smaller ones; Dominica, Marie-Galante, Saint-Barthélémy, and St. Martin, which form the so-called French Caribbean. A paradise in the middle of the Caribbean, formed in its great … Continue reading

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