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It is a technology that uses a gas that is usually a   compressed air  as a way of transmitting the energy required to move and operate mechanisms . Being air is a gaseous fluid and when applied a force is compressed, maintains this compression and returns the accumulated energy when it is allowed to expand. The process consists of increasing the air pressure and by means of the accumulated energy exerted on the elements of the pneumatic circuit , like the cylinders, they carry out their work.

Materials used by pneumatics

Generally, it uses a compressed air gas, but when it comes to special applications, nitrogen or some other inert gas can be used. The pneumatic circuits  are made up of a series of elements whose purpose is the creation of compressed air, its distribution and the control to perform useful work by means of actuators called cylinders.

Constitution of the pneumatic controls

They are made up of signaling elements, control elements and a work input. These signaling and control elements direct the work phases of the work elements and are called  valves . The pneumatic and hydraulic systems are made up of:

  1. Information elements.
  2. Work elements.
  3. Artistic elements

The evolution of pneumatics and hydraulics that has occurred in recent times have allowed processes to evolve for the treatment and amplification of signals, and therefore, currently has a very extensive variety of valves and distributors that allow the Choice of the system that best suits the requirements.

The valves have the following functions:

  1. Distribute the fluid
  2. Regular flow
  3. Regular pressure

Advantages of Pneumatics

  1. The air can be obtained easily and abounds in the earth.
  2. It is not explosive, so there is no risk of sparks.
  3. The elements that form the pneumatic circuit work at very high speeds and can be regulated very easily.
  4. As working with the air does not damage the components of the circuit.
  5. The changes that occur in temperatures do not greatly affect the work. 
    6. The energy produced is clean.
  6. Changes of direction can be made immediately.

 Disadvantages of Pneumatics

  1. Large load losses can occur if the circuit is too long.

2. Special installations must be made in order to recover the previously used air.


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