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It is a pyrotechnic device which is used to call for help at the time of danger, emergency or loss in the maritime world. This type of parachute rocket has to be fired only in very necessary cases and in open spaces to avoid damaging the lives of the permanent people in the place since at the moment that the height established by the manufacturer is reached, the coverage is opened of the parachute and the flare is lit which is what we see many times suspended in the air and as it is consumed it goes falling slowly. These smoke signals are essential in the boat, most of all as a precaution when needing help in such an emergency, thus allowing to give notice to the position they are in so that maritime rescue or nearby ships can go to the rescue.

Benefits of the rocket with parachute

It is designed to withstand exposure to extreme environmental conditions and for reliable and safe operation even after immersion in water, as it is a device which is used for signaling the position of the person or vessel for when it is In an emergency on the high seas, its great benefit is that it reaches a greater height allowing a better location by means of rescue or salvage. When choosing a rocket with a parachute, it must always be taken into account that it complies with the established requirements and that it is approved by the corresponding administration as well as the verification of the expiration date of the product to be used.

Characteristics of the rocket with parachute

  1. Color of light: red.
  2. In the market there are them by hand and to shoot with a gun.
  3. Device used to ask for help the color tells you
  4. The time of fall of the red light candle is diminished depending on the consumption
  5. Visibility
  6. Day and night
  7. Duration: 40 seconds
  8. Height: 287 mm
  9. Diameter of the handle: 38 mm
  10. Weight: 235 g
  11. Powder: 92 g
  12. Intensity of light: 30,000 candela
  13. On: Pulling the cable
  14. Altitude: 300 m


Parachute rocket instructions

  1. Hold the signal firmly by the handle
  2. Unscrew the red bottom cap
  3. Keep it vertically above the head and as far as possible from the body.
  4. Make sure that the top of the rocket is clear of obstacles
  5. Pull the red ball sharply down
  6. for outdoor use only and as a distress signal


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