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The cleat is an essential piece inside a boat because it is a rig, that is to say, an instrument that together with other pieces allows the boat to take advantage of the air to be able to propel itself in the sea, resulting in a great need for many boats.

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It can also be used when mooring a line that is located at the stern or in one of the completely fixed parts of the boat, which allows to take advantage of the air or allows to change the orientation of a boat. Another of its main functions is to allow the mooring of the boat to another object, such as, for example, the pontoon of a port in which the boat must be anchored. That is what makes it so essential within the structure of any boat today.

The cleat is identified with a T-shape that allows it to hold a knot securely, keeping its ends curved and being completely fixed through the centre of the piece to the stern of the boat.

Although it is also important to mention a curiosity about this piece and is that they can be placed on any fixed part of the boat, regardless of its location and best of all is, its small size providing greater ease to place them on the boat.

Enjoy the benefits of having a good cleat

Since they are used for mooring Los Cabos can be made of different materials such as plastic, wood or metals of high strength, allowing greater durability of the piece inside the boat, so you can enjoy more time of its benefits.

For many sailing enthusiasts, this is one of the most important pieces inside any boat, because it can facilitate the performance of the same at sea, since it can allow a control of the orientation of their sails and the load that is in the boat.


It has a plate that allows it to be attached to the port pontoon.

They are generally used in recreational boats.

They are used in big or small boats.

Small boats place them on either side of them.

Large boats place them both indoors and outdoors.

It can be used to fix loads and prevent them from moving because of the sea.

There is a great quantity of models and sizes that adapt each one of a better form to a type of boat, nevertheless, the market offers models of quality like the Cleat 178mm inox, to a very accessible price in 

Previously it was possible to access it for only €18.29, but now it is possible to access this high quality model on the market for a bargain price of €17.86 for those amateur buyers in providing the best parts to their boat. Take advantage of this offer and invest big.


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